Citizenship by 250.000 USD Investment

Citizenship by 250.000 USD Investment

Turkish Government ammended the Citizensip Law and brought an opportunity to the ones who invests 250.000 USD on property by legally promising not to sell along 3 years. The investor, official spouse and children under 18 years old are able to get Turkish Citizenship bybuying property in Turkey for  250.000 USD . 

Seaside Alanya Real Estate and corporated law offices are following the all related procedure on behalf of the investor and family. 

Below the steps summarized; 

1- Buying Property in Turkey - could be a commercial - apartment - villa for 250.000 USD. 

2- A licensed expert is going to evaluate the value of the property. 

3-  When the expert verifies the value of the property, Land Registry procedure may be done and Land Registry office is going to sign the property as "cant be sold" along 3 years. Land Registry office prepares a letter for the citizenship application . 

4- Turkish Citizenship application is getting done with translated birth certificates, criminal records, marriage certificates and passports to the Immigration offices of Turkey .

Seaside Alanya Real Estate and lawyers of Seaside will be assisting you during your journey to your new life. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information . 


  • Please do not trust people who are promising you to get the citizenship with a lower investment. 
  • IMPORTANT - if you are buying a property in Turkey for citizenship please ask for the expert report ( expert value must be minimum 250.000 USD ) before you pay and register the property on your name, all other progress are out of law. 
  • Please be aware of that in Turkey a foreign can not hold a land more than 2 years without making a project on it. 
  • Please present always right documents to the official offices while applying for Turkish Citizenship which would prevent you to get punished  in the future. Always remember that however it may work slow, Turkey justice system works deep and well.