Purchasing Property in Turkey

Purchasing Property in Turkey

As we are fully experienced in guiding on buying property in Turkey to the foreigners, we are able to mention about the steps of the purchasing process for buying property in Turkey below;

1- Meeting at Airport

We are meeting all of our clients who decides to come and see the properties and city in place at airport.

2- Accommodation During Inspection

Seaside Alanya Real Estate provides free accommodation to the clients who comes for property inspection. Depending on the requirement of the clients we are arranging one of our apartments or a 5 star hotel.

3- City Sightseeing

One of the most important thing on buying property in right location is to see and get enough information about the city. In the first days of our clients we are putting a big attention on creating orientation. Having information about the city would help to decide on the rightest property.

4- Property Inspection

Our proffessional sales managers are presenting a special selection of suitable properties to the requests and budget of our clients. The inspection of the properties may take 1 to 3 days depending on our clients necessities. The property portfolio of Seaside Alanya Real Estate has a big veraity of properties in Alanya, Antalya and Istanbul.

5- Contract

When our clients decides on a property, as a licensed Real Estate company we prepare the contract for the purchase of property. According to Turkish Property Trade Regulation, the companies who has activity on property trade must have the Property Trade Authorization Certificate. The certificate number of Seaside Alanya Real Estate – Kagan Eml. Ins. Ltd. Sti is 0700020 and can be verified from https://ttbs.gtb.gov.tr/Home/BelgeSorgula .

The Sales Contract needs to consist following informations and terms according to Property Trade Regulation :

  • Buyers and Sellers names , addresses, contact informations and id or passport numbers.

  • The information of Real Estate company and Property Trade Certificate number.

  • Address, floor, size, price, delivery date of the property and Title Deed ( TAPU )

  • Payment plan and the way of payment.

  • Inclusions of the price like furnitures or equipments.

  • Termination way and fee of the contract.

  • Authorized courts in case of any inconvenience between the parties.

  • Signatures of the parties.

If the Sales Contract misses some of those informations above, the Sales Contract may be invalid and may cause some losses.

6- Title Deed Registration (TAPU)

Title Deed is the certificate of the owningship of property in Turkey and local name is Tapu. If there is not an exceptional deal usually the transfer of Title Deed getting done after all the payment is done to buyer.

All procedures and steps are being followed by Seaside Alanya Real Estate for our clients and this service is totally complimentary.

Following documents are essential for the Title Deed Registration :

  • Passports for the foreigners and ID fort he Turkish Citizens

  • 1 Photo from each person

  • Tax ID number ( Tax id is necessary for all foreigners when they are purchasing property, opening bank account, buying vehicle, having water-electricity-internet subscribtions.

  • The Title Deed of the property

  • DASK insurance ( Natural Disaster Insurance, please see FAQ in our page for more information)

  • Expert Report ( Since 4 March 2019 if a foreigner is a party of a property sales, a licensed expert needs to inspect all details of the property and present to the Land Registry Office which makes the Title Deed Registrations in Turkey)

  • Signed Idendity Information form from the foreign parties of the Tapu Registration.

The Cost of Title Deed Registration

In Turkey the tax of buying or property is 2% for the buyer and 2 % for the seller but it shows differences depending on the traditional ways of property trade.

For instance in Alanya all costs of tapu is being paid by buyer.

When we need to list the costs : 4% of the official sales price, 1.835 TL for the expert,

500 TL for the translator, 1.228 TL for the Land Registry Office. This information has

has been written on 23.10.2021 and may change by the time.

7- Procedure for Electricity and Water Subscribtions

After the registration of the Title Deed ( Tapu ) on the name of buyer, our aftersales managers are preparing the essential files for transferring or taking new subscribtions on the name of the owner.

Roughly essential documents are;

  • ISKAN (building usage permission please check FAQ link in our page to know more about ISKAN)

  • DASK insurance

  • Copy of the Tapu

  • If exists the number of the subscribtions

  • The serial numbers of the electric and water meters

  • Passports or ID Cards

  • Tax id number of the owner

The cost for both of electricity and water will not be more than 120 euros if there is not something exceptional but this may change by the time and city.

Buying procedures and steps ends by finishing the official registrations and transactions.

To get more information about After Sales Services of company to make your stay more comfortable in Turkey please visit our After Sales Services page.

This article has been written by Abdullah TUNCER on 23.10.2021 .

Disclaimer : The informations above has been written according to actual regulations and applications, in case of any changes we hereby announce that our company has not got any responsibility.